Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday April 17

Today is a beautiful day out - it was a great night last night too! I am excited about warm weather and have waiting for it for so long, but now when will I have time for my paper crafts? I bought a new white gel pen last night, but it wasn't the brand I really wanted and so I was no surprised when I tested it at home and am not thrilled with the results. I am now on the hunt for the perfect white pen!

We had to take Martha to the vet this morning for what we thought were her anal glads. Turns out she has a growth near her anus that we will now need to watch and monitor. (She also had her anal glads squeezed, so it wasn't a worthless trip.) The vet is funny and awesome and loves our dogs, and also acknowledges that we love our dogs, so it is nice to see him again. When we got home there was a loose dog running around and it caused some tension on the block between "us" who do a good job of keeping the dogs in the yard or on a leash, and "those" who don't. I know my dogs have gotten loose before accidentally, but there is one family that seems to let their dog run around freely and it can be a hazard for the rest of us.

Chuck is working on the yard today. He is planting hops for his beer hobby. Oy!

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