Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Robot Baby - a card!

I made a baby card for a friends "nerdy" baby shower. I thought I would use this robot stamp from Hero Arts and play with pink, grey and black. I used the spun sugar pink from Distress Inks in order to color the robot, the 1s and 0s, and actually the white ribbon as well. The 1s and 0s is actually binary code for...

Welcome Baby! I just found a website that translates words into binary code, and it was inspiration!

Hope they love it!

Let me know what you think!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Craft Space - today, without touch-ups!

Craft girl extraordinaire Kristina Werner had this post recently: "90% of Real Crafters Make Real Messes" and I decided to get out my camera, take a few snaps, and share my craft space. This is how the space looked as I took the pictures - I didn't tidy up, I didn't edit or cut anything out. This is my true space, and what it usually looks like. I tend to have a home for everything, but while working it becomes a pile of stuff that has been touched, used and loved. Then, about once a week, I put everything back into it's home. It helps me keep track of what I own - overbuying is a flaw of mine ;)

I am lucky enough to have my very own craft room. I use it for crafts (duh!) but it is also just my private space for my paper/bills/mail storage, computer stuff, wrapping paper and other bits that don't have another place in our house. (BTW, my fiancee has his own room too. He stores his computer stuff, his papers, videos and dvds, and his collection of childhood stuff.)

So here are the pictures I took!

This is my main craft table. It's a long fold-up white plastic table. I use it as a work surface as well as a table for storage units. I recently started playing around with watercolor painting, so the jars of brushes are rather new. I like the chance to spread out and have lots of things at my fingertips while working.

One side of the craft table. Those Copic markers are new too. I am trying them out for the first time! Sorry, should have turned on that Ott light for this picture! The color markers in the storage unit are a no-brand collection that I got from Michael'sl. I love them and have used them for everything. I am not sure about the transition to Copic's...but I thought I would try! What you see here is the beginnings of lots of things - stamping, coloring, punching, water coloring, doodling, paper piecing....my space tends to look like this after a weekend where I had the time to just play!

The other side of the craft table. That wooden storage unit from IKEA houses some ink pads, adhesives, pens, and small tools. (The chart on the wall is something I started but have not kept up with. I would stamp the color of any new ink pads on this master sheet and then hang it on the wall so I could match up the color I want with the ink pad name. Best laid plans...) The blue/white storage envelope is for index cards. I've started using index cards of various sizes to practice techniques - that way I can save them and refer to them later. I use the mat (made of cork) for heat embossing since it can warp the plastic table.

Bookcase in between the craft table and the door. Holds some paper, finished projects, sticker collection, craft magazines, some ribbon and fibers, and some markers and pencils.

This is a kitchen island that I have repurposed in the middle of my craft room. I love the super hard granite surface for stamping on - makes a great impression! That's my Cuttlebug under there, and usually my Cricut is on this table (the long drawer holds the Cricut mats and tools). Also holds some paint tools and my heat gun.

Stamps! I used an old CD case to hold them. Wood are on display, acrylic are in the binders (a system that I am starting to hate) and then I leave the Stampin' Up in the boxes they come in. I also store Cricut cartridges here.

This was a project this past weekend - updating the firmware on my Cricut using my old PC desktop computer so that I use it with my new MacBook Pro laptop. Didn't work well, got annoyed and just left it. The beauty of having my own craft space!!

Ribbon storage under the cat shelf. And the white trolley is for 12 x 12 papers. This window looks out into the yard and provides great sunny light (the cats and I both love it).

Inside the closet. I keep embelishments in here, as well as chipboard, paint supplies, embossing powders, finished crafts and other tools.

Here is the storage for the emblishments up close. I hate this system too.

So there it is!! Let me know what you think!!